Breakfast items include a variety of donuts, pastries, juices, and coffee. Aside from pastries and donuts, Yos Donuts also home makes delicious breakfast burritos!

Donuts include traditional glazed, cake, long johns, fritters/bear claws, cinnamon rolls, and many more.

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Prices for Donuts & Pastries

Small Donut: $.77

Large Donut: $.97

Pastry: $1.19

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Prices for a Dozen Donuts:

Glazed Donuts  $6.99

Mixed Small Donuts $6.99

Mixed Cake Donuts: $7.29

Mixed Large Donuts: $9.19

Mixed Dozen 6 small, 6 large: $8.09

Dozen Donut Holes: $1.19

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Yos’s Famous Breakfast Burritos

includes sausage, egg, and cheese

without bacon: $1.45

with bacon: $1.65

all burritos are served with a side of complimentary homemade salsa

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Juice & Beverages

Small Coffee: $.99

Medium Coffee: $1.09

Large Coffee $1.19

Minutemaid Juices: $1.89

Starbucks Frappuccino: $1.99

Roberts Milk: $1.49

Nesquik: $1.99

Canned Drinks: $.85

Bottled Water: $.99 – $1.19

Redbull Can: $1.99


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